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SimRail 2022 Community Wikipedia

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Welcome to the unofficial community Wikipedia page for SimRail 2022, the Polish train simulator developed by the SimRail team. This collaborative platform serves as an online encyclopedia where enthusiasts can contribute, edit, and expand information about the game. SimRail is a train simulation game developed by the SimRail team, providing players with an immersive experience in operating trains on various routes across Poland. With realistic gameplay mechanics and attention to detail, SimRail offers players the opportunity to explore the world of railway transportation in Poland.

Currently on this wiki is 5,707 pages that have been created by the community.

Community-controlled content

This Wikipedia is a testament to the passion and dedication of the SimRail community. All content on this platform, from detailed route guides to in-depth train specifications, is created and maintained by players and enthusiasts who share a love for railway simulation. Contributors of all levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate in expanding the wealth of information available on this Wikipedia. Whether you're a seasoned player with extensive knowledge of the game mechanics or a newcomer eager to share your experiences, there's a place for you here. The strength of this Wikipedia lies in its collaborative nature. Through the collective efforts of the community, we aim to create a comprehensive resource that serves as a go-to hub for all things related to SimRail 2022. From troubleshooting guides to historical insights, every contribution plays a part in enriching the collective knowledge base.

Language Sections

To accommodate players from diverse linguistic backgrounds, this Wikipedia is organized into language sections managed by dedicated language administrators. These administrators oversee the content in their respective languages, ensuring that players can access information in their preferred language.

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Licensing Terms

All content on this Wikipedia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This allows for the sharing and adaptation of the content for non-commercial purposes, provided proper attribution is given and any derivative works are shared under the same license. cc license.png


The administrators of this wikipedia would like to thank the Simrail team for their cooperation and help with creating the content of this community resources page.

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